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    08/08/2016 - Feedback Request - Data Cleanup

    I'm cleaning up the database for both servers this week and would like your assistance in making sure the cleanup goes smoothly. I'm going to run my cleanup functions on the Test Server first, using data from each server so that we can double check that no real data is affected.

    My first data cleanup test is ready on the Test Server. This test is using data from Monday morning's backup of the Peace Server. I've run functions to remove old items that should have been deleted along with bins or buildings that were destroyed.

    I simply need players to check their inventories, bin contents, cart contents and building contests to make sure everything looks correct.

    If everything looks ok or if something seems off, please let me know. I plan to run this cleanup step on the Peace Server as soon as possible and proceed to my next step in the cleanup process.

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    I don't play the PVE server but did a quick check least what I saw in inventory/bins in area and bins/content of carts and seemed ok...however you are a bit vague when you say remove OLD items...and bins and buildings that were destroyed (as in we or guide destroyed and recently?) If I know a bit more specific as to what to look for I will be more prepared when you do this on PVP because I have made a lot of changes there.


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    Hello Mookie,

    Basically I just need to make sure that everything from the latest maintenance (Monday morning) is intact for players.

    The database items I cleared out were items that were contained in bins and buildings that were destroyed years ago. Originally the destroy functions would destroy the main item (building or bin) but not the contents, so these items I'm clearing out don't need to be in the database at all.

    I hope that's more clear!

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    Hi... its like a cache that never got cleared. The newer Destroy we all use now works correct? ty for the response.

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    No problems found here.

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    Thanks everyone!

    I'm running the first step of this cleanup on the main servers today. I'll post again here if I need assistance testing the next steps.

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    Just out of curiosity, how many of those phantom items were there, must have been a lot over the years.

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    Hello pickmonger,

    There were a several thousand of these phantom objects, most of them were from years ago!

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    I'm closing this thread. The data cleanup went well!

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