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    Red face Starfury's Formal Introduction

    Hello! Some of you may know me as Starfury, I played around the two free weeks way back when Xsyon still held monthly fees. I think its great now its a one time payment!

    Anyways, I am Starfury, the brave wandering trader. I love everything about trading in this game. Honestly though, I cant remember this one very nice lady who helped me and a friend of mine out back then. She is a great friend and as I am currently installing the game again, hoping she still is here. I kinda left without notice due to the special week going out and I felt really bad due to how much effort she did to help us.

    If you're out there, and you know who you are. Id really like to join you again!

    More on to me. I'm a 19 yr old bro-ski whose taking classes in welding and hopefully going to make something of my life. Ill be playing PvE, as trading is my sole key to happiness. I should still have Starfury unless she was deleted for some reason. Not much to really say about me as a person as I'm like everyone out there trying to make ends meet.

    Hope to see some old friends and new ones in the land of Xsyon! =o

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    Welcome back.

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    Just found out that old friends name was Wambliluta, as I have a knife made by her. Cant seem to find that name on the forums however.

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    Hello Star.

    I am Mookie on both Peace and War (Oasis Tribe).

    Many veterans and semi-vets tend to wander between games. I believe Wamby has fallen into this category also. tho she was doing stuff on War, we have not seen here there either for a cple weeks. Don't fret, the ones that truly like the game return from time to time as I do.

    Keep trading and growing

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    Hello I'm Dunidane, tribe leader of House Gunvald! The last remaining house of the norse tribesman, pleasure to meet you.

    May the stars light your path!


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    Welcome to the greater Tahoe area Ethel.

    -- Ravelli

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    hi and welcome back!, ive recently got back into the game to, having a great time, if im online when you are feel free to visit and stay for dinner

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    Wow, people love assaulting this old welcome post hehe. They seem to love even older ones, responding to those 2017 replies heh...

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    Our clan is also starting again with the upcoming feature pets,mounts and guards.We prepare on war Server the City for the animal farming and breeding
    Greetings Whorlok

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