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    Wow, people love assaulting this old welcome post hehe. They seem to love even older ones, responding to those 2017 replies heh...

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    Our clan is also starting again with the upcoming feature pets,mounts and guards.We prepare on war Server the City for the animal farming and breeding
    Greetings Whorlok

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blazette View Post
    Just found out that old friends name was Wambliluta
    as I have a knife made by her. Cant seem to find that name on the forums however.
    ecently got back into the game to, having a great time,
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    Quote Originally Posted by HowardLarkin View Post
    I do play around here. By the way, welcome back to OP. @OP, were you able to find the Dbal max pills mentor you were searching for? If not, may be, I can help. Enjoy.
    If OP is not replying and you could be generous enough, I'm also looking for a mentor. Can you help e newbie like me, please?
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