Hello, Id like to join a tribe in either server. Doesnt matter if its PvP or PvE, its all fun. I really enjoy cooking and farming in this game, so id be doing a lot of that unless told to do something else. Im not "good" at PvP or npc combat so id be taking more of jus a crafting role. Looking forward to any invites, thanks for your attention. =D

Some info about me :

I work Mondays, Wensdays, Fridays & Saturdays from 7am-2pm.
That leaves me open for the rest of the day really, plus my days off in between I can be really active.

I'm willing to Skype or Teamspeak or whatever voice chat you use if needed.

I have two parts left till I finish my new pc, currently using a laptop with a single core amd processor thats not even being made anymore, so parden my low fps issues.

Other than the constant lag Im still willing to play because the depth of this game rocks.

Please hire me.