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    Spreading The Word About Xsyon!

    I'm often asked what players can do to help spread the word about Xsyon and bring in new players.

    By request, I've compiled a this short list of important sites where posting reviews, ratings or comments can help us reach out to more players.

    Spread the Word About Xsyon on Steam!

    This is currently the most important method of reaching new players. Most current new players are coming from Steam and maintaining an accurate, up to date, positive presence on Steam goes a long way! Please follow the above link for more information on what you can do.

    Xsyon on Steam:

    Alert your favorite YouTuber or Twitch Broadcaster!

    If you follow a YouTube or Twitch channel, contact the creators and request that they check out Xsyon!

    Post, rate and update reviews!

    Most important game review sites

    Additional game review sites

    There are many more sites, but I've kept the list short and concentrated on high traffic sites for now. If you can think of other sites that should be on this list, please post them. You will probably notice that there is a lot of outdated information and graphics out there. This is something that I need to work on getting updated when I have time.

    I greatly appreciate the positive word that many of you have been spreading about Xsyon!
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    Don't forget about us content creators (Youtube/Twitch)

    When we start hearing from our viewers about a game (whether it is new, or one we covered that has now been updated, etc) it only takes a few people talking about the same game at the same time to make us take notice - look it up, etc. You might add to your list "Let your favorite Youtubers/Streamers know" etc. I know you have my email as well (we talked back then) so that is an option as well - you (developers) can and do reach out to us to let us know about big changes we may want to check out.

    I loved my time playing and recording Xsyon earlier this year. It generated great interaction for my channel, and a lot of people were really excited to see it and wanting more. I had many people tell me they bought the game based on seeing my videos, so we can certainly help (and I would love to help get the game even more attention as it develops).

    I can't wait to get back to it (currently waiting for some larger changes I could focus on checking out, plus I will need to set aside time to dedicate to it), but I never see anything about the game so I have to remember to check in here from time to time... but that becomes hard to keep up with when we are covering so many games. Hit us up!

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    Good idea. I've updated my initial post. I do maintain a list of channels (YouTube and Twitch) that I plan to contact personally once Xsyon is finally out of Early Access or at least the creature updates are patch out. Thanks!

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    .. Nice ...all would be good!

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