I'm often asked what players can do to help attract new players. Maintaining an accurate and positive presence on Steam greatly helps reach a new audience!

Here are a few things that you can do to help Xsyon improve its visibility on Steam and attract new players.

1) Post a Review

Reviews are an important method of attracting players to Xsyon. Positive reviews also boost Xsyon's rating which affects Xsyon's visibility and recommendation to potential new players.

Note: Only reviews from Steam purchases currently count towards the game's rating.

2) Update your Review
If you've already posted a review, updating it with additional or new information gives the review more prominence and visibility. Reviews are partially sorted by date, so updated reviews are given preference.

3) Up vote useful Reviews
Reviews with a helpful rating are given more prominence and visibility. If you think a review well represents the game, up vote it and it will be more likely to be seen.

4) Down vote false and incorrect Reviews
Many reviews contain old information that is no longer correct (ex. subscription requirement) or were never correct (ex. claiming that subscriptions were hidden or misunderstanding a feature). Unfortunately these incorrect reviews turn away potential players. Down voting these reviews lowers their visibility and helps more accurate and recent reviews rise to the top.

Commenting on these reviews can also clarify the current state of the game for people reading them.

5) Flag abusive and false Reviews
Occasionally a review will be posted that is abusive or entirely false. These reviews are technically against Steam's ToS and can be flagged. To flag a review you must first click on the review header (where it says Recommended or Not Recommended) to view the full review. On the full review page you will see a small flag icon in the lower right of the review. Clicking on this will flag the review and give you a chance to report why you think the review is false or abusive.

6) Play through Steam and encourage friends to join you
Your Steam friends can see what you are playing. Playing Xsyon through Steam helps visibility to your friends that have not yet played Xsyon.

7) Upload Screenshots and Videos
Although these are less viewed than the ratings and reviews, they can help a potential player decide to join us in the world of Xsyon.

8) Encourage others to take the above steps, especially to post and rate reviews!

These few simple steps can greatly help Xsyon to reach new players and grow!