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I have to concur. Two servers is more detriment than benefit.

Lack of meaningful PvP related goals, like control of land and resources is why most tribes are personal vanity projects and not bands of people who have been drawn together due to conflict over resources. Currently on both servers, tribes are a luxury everyone can afford rather than a necessity to which everyone must adapt in one way or another.

Having tangible reasons to fight will compel players to aggregate. If the best resources can only be found on contestable controlled land, cooperation becomes critical for high end resource gathering and crafting rather than merely convenient.

A PvP safe zone is probably has less potential for abuse than a PvP toggle.
Exactly. I even wanted there to be the best resources in PVP areas AND in hard PVE areas. That way both sides need have equal chances to get it and both need better gear and teamwork.

Totally agree with this and I've also always wanted totems to have a cost to them. Both upkeep and start up costs. This would help in many ways, and much like you said you would want to work together as a team instead of solo and buy more accounts for extra land that you can build bigger things.

Another thing I wanted was more "survival" aspect. Make the world harder to live in, acid rain, zombie horde attacks, Lich King invasions etc etc. This would make it so people will want to group up, because not to group up would be hard.