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    Lightbulb Some ideas I've thought of

    I've had some ideas on stuff, but didn't know how to express it, but now I do. This is also in the suggestions thread, so meh... So this game just offers the kebab as the main food source and fire making only providing a fire place, I'm not sure what the second scheme is or how to get it. We also get a generous amount of metal and different metal types to acquire and choose from, but can take up space and weight you down or jumble what you're looking for. I've come up with some ideas on what to do with some of this stuff.

    -More cooking techniques
    Obviously. Just kebabs as the primary food outcome is quite boring, but the cooking method with diifferent seasonings and secondary foods are very nice. Offers and teaches you what does and what doesn't go where. However, I feel like there should be more ways to cook. I've seen a smokehouse, and that looks the closest to a stove, I feel like that should be used to cook stuff. Maybe you can scavenge a pot from the scrap yards and use that as the cooking tool, then add water from a bucket or waterskin, and add your meats, sides, and seasoning to create a soup that, if temperature control ever becomes a thing, can keep you warm, full, AND is delicous (Hopefully). There could also be a grill you can put on top of a campfire, or find parts and create a BBQ Grill yourself and create grilled meats and foods. They could also provide different buffs or some crap (Somehow), like kebabs can do what they do, the soup can be consumed faster or slower but nourishes you less but hydrates you some for a little convenience for travel. Grilled foods can be consumed slower because they're not on a kebab but can fill you up a little more than a kebab or soup can, depending on the quality of the foods cooked on each or how Xsyon Dev Boi makes it, if he decides it.

    -Metal Workings and Recycling
    Xsyon's Scrap Fields feed us with a huge variety of different metals, as said before, like you can have a basket backpack, scavenge and sort 8 metal scrap collections and already have a full inventory. My idea is that you can build a structure, or single object, like a furnace, that can melt down your metals and create ingots, so that you don't have to keep taking up tribe space with your baskets full of metal. The ingots could be big or small, and take a volume a space when you remelt it. But what would you do with the ingots? First, you can go down to a river with dirt, not stone, so instead of collecting Limestone, you can collect Clay, and use this clay to create casts from your dug up objects, such as say, a short metal handle. Then you can remelt the ingot, or melt new items to fill the cast and create a brand new small metal handle! Or course, you're going to need to get the metal really hot, and need a crucible that can hold such liquid. Therefor, a new use for the fire building skill, you can create an object that will create charcoal out of branches, sticks, and split wood. The crucible could be made out of graphite and clay, and the graphite could be a rare object, like tar or quartz.

    -Leather Pouches and More Packs
    The grass baskets can sure hold a lot of stuff, but isn't that pleasing to the eye to see on your back. The grass pack looks nice, but doesn't hold as much as a basket. Plus I find it a little annoying that grass pouches are the only thing that can be crafted as pouches. So I say that there should be some leathercraft recipes that can create some backpacks, and the higher level leathercraft you are, the better backpacks you can make, maybe even a pack that can hold the same as the grass basket. Plus it'll look better! There should also be different kinds of looks to backpacks, like different options you can make, like how you can make different kinds of clothes and armor, or with the different kinds of carts. There should also be different craftable leather pouches, the same way there are different kinds of grass pouches. They could possibly hold more, because they're a stronger material than grass. Maybe they can be unlocked at level 60 or something.

    -More Herbs and Seasoning uses
    This is a fantasy setting, right? We have lots of herbs and seasonings for cooking, yes. But I demand more! Why? We could create a new craft, Potion Brewing. We even have an herb named Self Heal for crying out loud. First, you'd need to level up your architecture skill, so you can build a brewing stand! Maybe we can find in the scrap yards old broken beer glass bottles or whole beer glass bottles and beakers and other glass objects. Then use them to build up a potion brewing stand for some potions! And what would potion brewing be without more herbs for such a craft! It could start like cooking, 1 herb and instead of a skewer, you could use a whole beer glass or glass container to hold the finished product, and possibly a filled water bucket or filled water skin to add water to the potion for creation. As you get better, you can add more herbs and start experimenting with the potion making process to create strong potions, and try to clear the negative buffs with the rare herbs, as with cooking. Maybe when/if bows/archery/thrown combat is added, or even now with armed combat, you can tip your weapon/arrow with a poison or a potion that adds really bad negative buffs, and when struck, will apply it to the enemy (Yes, like in Skyrim), but to perhaps balance it out, it can do possibly half of what it would do if you were to drink it, as it's being inserted into you, not ingested.

    These are some of my ideas, I hope they are good, and I'll add to this page when I think of more. Anyone have any thoughts?

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    Hello Legend,

    I see that you also posted these suggestion on the Suggestions forums. Please do post one suggestion per post there as it makes it easier for me to track, see feedback from other players and implement the suggestion.


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    Thank you. No clue how this forum worked, but I think (Hopefully) I'm getting the hang of it.

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