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    Sound controls on headset nonfunctional

    The volume controls on my Logitech USB headset have zero effect on sound at the login screen. I can adjust sound levels with the options panel, but I had turned my volume up very high to hear a badly recorded Youtube video, and was desperately trying to turn down Xsyon music with no effect till I gave up and grabbed the headset off my head. I just tested the headset with three other sound applications and it works.

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    Re: Sound controls on headset nonfunctional

    I have a Logitech Clear Chat Pro USB and will test it out once I have downloaded the blasted software.

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    Re:Sound controls on headset nonfunctional

    Nice to see you are still plodding away with your download Kiwi

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    Re:Sound controls on headset nonfunctional

    Had a small hiccup, closed the patcher, opened it, and found I had to download 2gb, got pissed with the speed again, closed it, opened it and now Im back to 737.61mb... so its slowly coming down, but the speed and connection keep jumping around.

    So pathetic, but anyways, not to derail the thread, Im still downloading and will double check and see if I can find any tips.

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