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Thread: Heavy RP tribes

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    Heavy RP tribes

    Ello everyone,

    Over the past few months I've met many people within the community. Whether it be from the War or peace server, I've had the pleasure of meeting many of the Veterans of this game steeped in potential. Anyways, for the longest time I've been looking quite hard for other Heavy RPers, people that wish to take the story of Xyson farther than ever before. Interestingly, I've been in search of people that can make this community question what their unique tribal identity and culture would be, but to no avail. I deeply believe that if 25 percent of the this community engaged in Some level of RP, there would be a DRASTIC change in overall experience and world building within the game.

    Now that I've lamented a bit, I hope that I can foster a few people to come from the woodwork and try to discuss this subject. It would be awesome just to get a few interested RPers talking in an organized manor.



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    I enjoy RP. I might would be interested in discussing this further with you. Give some examples of the type of RP you are considering. I'm sure there is a lot of potential on the War Server. I personally am not crazy over PvP and the games combat system would definitely put a kink in any PvP battles. With the background story of Xsyon, RP could be really fun. Can't wait to hear your ideas.

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