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    Whiskey River -War Server

    Merry Christmas

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    Weathertop - Peace Server

    Brutestone (Would love a backpack I saw LaughingOak had as well as a infinite durability shovel and some leathercraft schemes)
    RickSanchez (Arch who needs lots of BPs to make our new tribe look awesome)
    Hoskuldr (Loves to build as well as farm (Needs fertilizer like crazy))
    Zanthas (Amazing cart maker in our tribe.. he is constantly working to improve himself I think a nice 20 slotter would help him out)
    Bonedog (Likes to do a little bit of everything he mostly likes to go fighting with the tribe but he just doesnt have a good weapon)
    TigerLily (RickSanchez gf that he got her to play I think a nice weapon for her would be amazing)
    Rainer (Our head Tailor.. he needs lots of fabric to grind out his trade)
    Yatoshi (My RL brother-in-law and Best Friend.. this guy has gone many lengths for me in our friendship and getting him to play xsyon with me was an honor... in RL hes a certified Chef and he loves to hangout by our river and fish and cook up in the firepit.. A infinite durability Fishingrod would totally make his day)

    Also if its no hassel our Tribe is surrounded in Granite and it is really hard to terraform our tribe the way we want it if you could please move some of this granite or terraform it we would be totally greatful.

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    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Xsyon!

    Being a humble chieftain, Achilleus will take whatever kind gifts that the Gods (Guides) Offer him!
    (Surprise me!)

    Character: Achilleus - Zone: 981 - Tribe: The Achaeans - War Server

    Merry Xmas! And Watch out for the Revs around my house :P
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    Hope everyone is enjoying the festive season.

    War Server - Wasteland tribe


    got the Christmas Sack, Santa's Big Helper and Elf hat on this pair last year, no real point in giving me them again this year.

    Peace Server - Wasteland tribe


    Happily take the sack, shovel and Elf hat on this pair as they don't have them.

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    Twilight (pve)

    Valorinak Republic (pvp) i spawn at their totem tribe but i'm not in tribe

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    Tribe: De La Noir -peacefull server

    I know one thing I need and don't know about the others

    Crantar (I need antlers)

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    Im sorry I forgot I changed my Tribe Name:
    Pve Server- Kewa
    Tribe Name- Kewa's Farm

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    Lol seeing a lot of players names being listed that quit a long while ago and soome listed on pvp server that not played in over a year, should only be for ACTIVE players really or it all just more work for guides cos of greedy p***takers. Just sayin.

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    i actually agree, seeing the same bs for the pve server, merry christmas

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    Weathertop - PvE

    As a new player I really don't know what would be worth asking for. I love fishing and cooking though so an infinite durability fishing pole and a skewer would be awesome. Maybe an new water barrel. My tribe tends to break them fairly often. Otherwise I love surprises. Thanks again. Loving the freedom this game offers.

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