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    Xmas lists

    mO.Om.....peeks out from under his rock to...well laugh.

    I was not in game last year at Christmas so I don't know if Jordi and the crew actually took the time to RP a Santa and give out items as requested like a Santa list. I would say there are basic items which will be given at random to ea player either online when a guide is delivering them or in a basket by your totem. those items might be a Christmas sack, a Candy Cane shovel, or parts of Christmas outfits, ie: Elf, F. Elf, Ms Claus, Santa. Power to Santa if he reads the lists.


    P.S. I do agree that I am seeing a lot of names I don't see in global or have seen while in game. It would be tedious tho to scan for activity to judge giving the gifts.
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    I wasnt going to put in a request but having seen whats been handed to newer players, stuff i dont have.
    Im asking for the same ie a set of 100ql infinite dura weapons.....

    Obsidian Order PVE and PVP

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    Would only take a quick check of the totem.

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    Pve..........Morrygyn, and IrishLucke

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    PvP......... WesleySnipes (Whiskey River Tribe)

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    Yea, free stuff!

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    Rittenhouse -- Peace

    Animal Crackers

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    ZackBaggins -PVE-Valorinak Republic I

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    PVE server
    Tribe : Kipas

    Thank You So Much! Keep going nice Work!

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    Holiday Event

    Quote Originally Posted by Xsyon View Post
    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Xsyon Citizens!

    Santa and his Guide Team Elves will be delivering gifts in game from Monday, December 26th to Monday, January 2nd!

    Guides will announce in game when they are delivering gifts directly to players. They will also deliver baskets of presents to all players that sign up here on the forums.

    If you would like to have gifts dropped by your totem, please post here with your character name, tribe name and server (War or Peace). Feel free to list tribe mates as well. You may also request a gift drop off through the help desk

    If you won't be able to log in during the Holiday Event, don't worry. Simply make a request here or the help desk and we will leave a basket at your totem for your tribe leader to take care of until you can log in.

    Have fun!
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    O.O I had faith in what the past offered and so I did not ask like others did, for anything special but...

    on PVE I noticed the baskets being delivered....first...they are public, so anyone can open them( anyone in tribe?). second, some of my chars are female...I know there was a female Christmas outfit. Third, On PVE I am the only one active in Oasis but im not the I cannot collect the xmas bag.

    sorry to whine



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