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    general info needed.

    In most games I have played I wait until I'm in game for a good while, can stand on my own two feet and such before joining a tribe. It also gives me time to figure through chat and game interaction which people fit my type of group.

    Looking through the forums here though it would seem there are quite a few tribes already with a decent number of members who are not yet in game.

    Is it practical to choose a tribe before being selected for beta and/or launch of game?

    In case the answers yes I'll include a little bit of info about myself, If I seem like the type to fit in with your tribe leave a message or shoot a PM or whatever.

    I'm in between a "casual" player and a power gamer, as in I'll be on every day, but only for long amounts of time maybe 2-3 days a week. I live in EST zone. Exploration, crafting, and building all interest me but i am a PKer at heart. Although not the typical jacka** that most people define PKers as. MMO history involves most wide scale MMOs released since '99 but only played a few long term consisting of: Asheron's Call, ShadowBane, DAoC, AoC, and Darkfall. I'm ex-military and enjoy playing with military or ex-military...or even military minded people haha.

    Well thats me in a nutshell, thanks in advance for replies.

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    Re:general info needed.

    I would say no... not unless you've played with them in other games, anyways. I know once I get in game and test it out as they add new features, I'm going to be getting some work buddies to join up and see where it goes from there.

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    Re:general info needed.

    The hopefully great thing about tribes is that you aren't locked into them. My suggestion for you personally, is check out the forums, if you find something that stands out, register your interest and be forth right.

    It seems that if you needed to, you can hack it out on your own if you really needed to, so if X tribe wasn't up to par, you could either look for another, or screw the world and start your own.

    During beta I don't think you can lock into any sort of tribe without knowing something it that connects well to you. Closer to the release Im sure is a better time to know that. But at the end of the day, start networking now, to find a balance that will work for you.

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    Re:general info needed.

    been doing that off and on, theres quite a few tribes in game already... and reading all of their information/posts getting a feel for their mentality is a little time consuming haha

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    Re: general info needed.

    I'm a full time player of mmo's. I played Shadowbane, EQ2 and WoW a lot. I even tried Eve. I'm with you on the touchy feely thing. I don't like to get into something that follows me around like Shadowbane history use to.

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    Re: general info needed.

    I would say wait until the game gets further down the road to join a tribe.

    That'll give you time to develop an opinion of everyone, and keep you from feeling like you have to stick with your first tribe.

    If you don't want to mess with group history then avoid some of the larger well known tribes, alot of them have a reputation that will follow them over from other games.

    There definetly seems to be alot of different types of groups, some are just forming on the forums, and from other games I can say pretty confidently that most will fail.

    Others are made up of friends from other games who may or may not stick around.The only question is going to be which will last and which won't.

    A longer post than I expected to write, but it'll do.

    Good luck on choosing a tribe though.

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    Re: general info needed.

    What branch of the military were you in?

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    Re:general info needed.

    While waiting has many advantages because you can see what tribes are really like Xsyon is different from other games because players start out as settlers. If you wait you will be missing out on the most important part of the early game which is finding a settlement site, building it up and getting to know your neighbors who will usually turn out to be allies in some sense.

    The tribal selection here is not very great yet so I am sure you can find some small group of tribes which match your gaming interests. I suspect most "good" tribes will not object if you change tribes early in the game if the match is not what you expect since they will all be on friendly terms with each other. I know I will not object.

    So find a tribe and get involved in their planning!

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    Re:general info needed.

    Be sure to joina a mature and serious tribe. There are some tribes here thats just filled with trolls and they will not make it ingame.

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    Re: general info needed.

    [b]Okie wrote:[/b]
    [quote]What branch of the military were you in?[/quote]
    Quotes for truth. I served as a Combat Medic, but only for 9 months and without the smallest clue of a hot spot. Luckily!

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