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Thread: Beyond the Mist

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    Ok, I will keep an eye out for how things develop and hope to tune in at a later date!

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    Beyond the Mist - new server!

    I've moved to a new Icecast server and set up a second low bandwidth stream, with webplayers for both streams.

    I'm dropping the Wednesdays shows for now.

    Currently my shows are Saturdays 7pm-9pm US Pacific Time.

    high quality (128kbps):
    low bandwidth (24kbps):

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    Show some support for Pan and his Xsyon Radio Show here and in game folks! He ended it last week because there was only one listener.

    Pan you got my vote and my fellow tribe member Willowhawk is a listener as well (He was afk making an event post last week). If you enjoy doing the show to hell with the number of listeners, just do it. I plan to listen if I'm at my comp during the shows time.

    And thanks! I've appreciated all you selections thus far...

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    Thanks. I ended it because I was not in top form last weekend and I only had one listener. The aftermath inspired a new catchphrase: "Some days the marmot wins." I'm not going to hit it out of the park every week and I don't expect to. Nor do I expect to have an epic supreme audience every week. However, I will point out that the quality of the finished craft (the show) is limited by the quality of materials (the audience).

    I do enjoy doing the shows and I'm normally fine with a smaller than average audience, but if I'm off my game, I'll take any excuse I can get to call it a night and come back next time with renewed perspective.

    I am still adjusting to Xyson as a venue, developing a new style and format tailored to suit our unique environment and community. These shows are private parties to which I extend an invitation to members of the Xsyon community. When you tune in, you are a guest at my virtual campfire where I share music, stories, humor, and ... perspective. I have a request. I ask that you conduct yourselves as guests, not as consumers. When you tune in, give me a shout in global, if you have to tune out early, let me know.

    It helps me put on a better performance if I know my audience. Sooner or later, I will eventually play something you don't like unless you have no taste and no standards and when I do I want to know just as much as when I play stuff you do like. Your feedback matters more than merely informing me of your tastes, it becomes part of the show and gives me leverage I can use to build inspired sets on the fly.

    I can put on a good show just about any week, but I can't (or maybe won't) put on an epic show without an epic audience, so dump your lame off of tribe land somewhere and bring your awesome!

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    Because of the server issues, I'm going to cancel the show for tonight, May 13. I will resume once connections are stable again.

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    On second thought, I've changed my mind. The show will go on!

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    After 51 years I should know to not second guess my gut instinct regardless of the appearance of things. I'll be back on air after the server issues are sorted out.
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