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Thread: Beyond the Mist

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    Beyond the Mist

    Beyond the Mist with PantheStargazer is now streaming live on Xsyon Radio twice per week, 5pm-9pm Pacific (8pm-12am Eastern), Wednesdays and Saturdays.

    The show format is still evolving and it is my intention to include more than music and my banter about the glories of chaos hare lung. Depending on the response perhaps contests, interviews, Q&A, who knows?

    You can find stream status and a webplayer here:

    Come on down, pull up a fire, and join me on Xsyon Radio while I serve up hot hits and deep cuts from Beyond the Mist!

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    I've been off air the past week or so, rethinking the show and adjusting my expectations to reflect the situation. I'm planning to start back up soon, but maybe not for another week or so. I will also likely move the time slot back a couple hours. I'll post here when I'm ready to reboot.

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    Awesome thank you for the update! Looking forward to the return.

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    I'm aiming to go back on air this Saturday. I'm pushing the showtimes back to 7pm PST. So Wednesdays and Saturdays, 7-11pm US Pacific time. 

    A bit about my musical background and show content. I don't play pop music, especially contemporary pop, including mashups. There are plenty of other sources for that sort of thing. I aim for a show you're not likely to find anywhere else. My tastes range from thrash and funk to psytrance and jam bands, with a whole lot in between. My "holy trinity" is Jimi, Jim, and Janis. The grunge scene hit while I was a college student in Seattle. I was in-house DJ for Seattle Hempfest for a few years and provided music for their VIP and membership parties.

    I'm planning to work the show into one hour segments, where each segment fits into some theme or category. Might be based on a genre, a decade, or a theme. The segments on a show may or may not be related to each other.

    I perform live music on my shows too, as an act of devotion more than anything else. I lost a close friend a couple years ago and guitar is how I have come to terms with it.

    My shows can be challenging, socially and intellectually. I aim for that through the music, not my discourse, but sometimes the piehole won't stay shut. I'm not after ratings. I don't do hype. I don't cater to popular opinion. (I have my own and it suits me quite well, thank you.) I don't do this to be popular, I dislike celebrity, and I find glamour to be repugnant. I do this to scratch an itch that I can't easily scratch any other way.

    That said, you're welcome to join me. Just stay off my lawn!

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    No show tomorrow, March 18. I'll be back on-air Wednesday, March 22.

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    Looking forward to the show on Wednesday!

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    I tried to tune in, either I have the time zones confused or something else was wrong, the link just took me to a dead page. Do I need to log in somewhere or download something..? I'm sad I missed it!

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    Umm I think I got the timezones wrong. Unfortunately that means your show starts at 4 o clock in the morning here in the EU. I don't suppose I could convince you to record it?

    Well, I might be able to catch the last hour if I get up real early

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    At this point in the venture, I won't be recording. As the project matures if I actually produce content worth podcasting, like skits, interviews, or hosting in-game events, then I will most definitely podcast those portions of the show.

    As it stands now, don't try to get up early to catch the end of the show. I shut down early if no one is tuned in after the mid point of the show, which tells me I need to adjust show times. I am considering moving one of my shows to a more euro-friendly time, perhaps 2100 GMT. Right now I am focused on migrating the server so that I have full admin rights. Once that's done, I'll tweak my schedule.

    Thanks for your interest, be patient! I'll get this sorted out soon enough.

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