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    Login sequence needs more structure

    Based on the extensive lag and frequent disconnects I am getting while trying to log into the game after crashes, I suspect the game allows one to sign into the login server before the character creator is ready, and again you seem to be able to select to log into a character before the world server is ready.

    I cannot imagine it is a good thing for players to be trying to log into servers that are not fully loaded and stabilized.

    Perhaps simply refuse to allow progression in logging in until the server that you are trying to connect to is ready?

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    Re:Login sequence needs more structure

    I am beginning to think that my lack of ability to relog easily between alts might be some sort of IP preventer, for when Xsyon goes live and we are allowed only one character per account?

    I am allowed to log in, but there is a 1-2 minute delay between my entering password, and getting to character creation. Then after about another minute, it boots me back to the signin screen.

    Is this a feature for when the game goes live with one character per account?

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