The Test Server is currently running the best I can do for now to synchronize player movements when viewed by another player. The changes to the system were initially tested a while ago but never publicly patched. The system has been improved as I've optimized many functions.

There will still be a level of 'desynch' depending on each player's ping to the server but this should be an improvement from what is on the main servers.

What to look for:

1) Other player positions should be more accurate on your screen.

2) Other players should not slide when stopping as they do on the main servers.

3) Other player animations should be better in synch with their movements.

4) How is PvP with the improved synchronization?

Note: I am looking for feedback on players only in this thread. Creatures are not ready for this test and I will open another thread or revise the text in this one when they are.