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    I say again......O.O.....if I could make my eyes bigger I would!

    This informative debate IMO is not good for business. I would suggest removing them and for the 2 of you to rant in private.


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    Actually, I find this conversation rewarding. How many games have you seen a dev so passionate about what he does and why he does it? I am proud of Xsyon to take the time to respond and in a way that shows his commitment. If nothing else, it really makes me happy that I decided to stay playing this game and that I put my trust in a dedicated developer. I have enjoyed playing this game for years. As with anyone I get impatient at times for updates but that doesn't really take away from my game experience. Just want to say thank you, Xsyon for your commitment to such a fun and truly amazing game.

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    Has community modding ever been considered? Is it even possible?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wilson423 View Post
    Has community modding ever been considered? Is it even possible?
    I'm not sure what you mean. Do you mean selling a stand alone version of Xsyon where players could run their own modded servers or do you mean setting up a system (like in Warcraft) where players can create add-ons? Or something else?

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    More like add on and tweaks. What is added would be up to you or by vote after testing maybe. With a small community I think voting would be reasonable idea and splinter servers would be a bad idea.
    Most moddable games are built around the idea of being modded and this could just muddy the waters and make your life harder if xsyons engine is uncooperative. There should also be a local test mode to polish before submitting

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    Ah, ok. Yeah, Xsyon's not designed for that type of modding at all. I wouldn't even know where to begin or what I would allow to be modified. (I've never played any moddable games)

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    XSYON is designed for a true Sandbox MMO where the Player bring her ideas in form from Events to a Game!
    Your ideas bring the world to LIVE!...and not the MMO give you the joice to do only ONE WAY!

    example: Player can build QUESTS for other Players on a QUEST TOTEM where they can earn XP for Levelling her Char!
    1000 other Things to explore in XSYON...only bad Thing is not the highend grafic!...but ist in middle class ..gameplay is more important and fun on a game...

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    I am one of those veteran Wurm players that pops in to see how things are going over here at Xsyon. I first came here in 2010. About 2-3 times a year I jump on my character and walk around looking at the game and its updates. About 1 time every two years I purchase game time and play a little. Ok, so I am nobody important and what I am about to say probably means little to few.

    Rather than being a contributor to the community and progress of this game, MrDDT has become a disgruntled, apathetic distraction. His constructive feedback from years ago has morphed into what appears to be a mindset of bitterness that the game has not gone his way. He has stated in this thread the game is dead but yet he chooses to stick around. And for what? To continue to badger the developer? Enough of that, sir. Take yourself somewhere else if that is all you plan to do. But honestly, if I were this developer, I would delete your forum account, your game account(s), and block your IP at the router, and be done with you. At this point, I would imagine you have broken so many phrases in the terms of agreement, the development team (of one) is wholly justified in these suggested actions. MrDDT, leave the game and let it recover from your cancerous diatribes of the past few years.

    Xsyon developer, keep up the good work. I admire your singular accomplishments and your tenacity. You haven't pulled me from Wurm yet, but that's ok. I am happy to see another sandbox game grow and flourish and I will keep coming back and watching your progress. But guys like DDT who are obsessed with being a nuisance to everyone are only pulling you down. You don't have to put up with it, you know?

    That is all I wanted to say.
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    I stood behind The Dev. for the first couple of years because the game had most of what I was looking for at that time but changes happen and now I'm more inclined to be on the other side of the fence with MrDDT (not that I really like him). Though this post has been sidetracked a bit, the game has not come to fruition as the Dev. stated it would after original launch. MrDDT has in fact probably helped the game more than anyone wishes to admit and he has the right to his opinions as all of us do (though in the past I was told to take my rants to private tells and is why I mentioned that in my earlier reply).
    The game needs to get some finishing in order to gain more players and keep them...until then the Population will be meager if that.

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    Well as far as I'm concerned... (vet wurm player) I like Xsyon more and I'm still new to the game :P

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