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    Feedback Request - Abandoned Tribe Locations

    Going through the Suggestions this past week I was reminded of requests to have abandoned ghost buildings be removed automatically. I actually set this up a while ago but never tested the system. I'd like to test the system this week.

    Here's how it will work:

    1) When a tribe is abandoned through decay, all incomplete 'ghost' buildings for that tribe will be removed.

    2) When a tribe is abandoned directly, 'ghost' buildings will also be removed and this information will be added to the warning message when abandoning the tribe.

    3) For tribes that are already abandoned I will run a one time cleanup function that removes the abandoned 'ghosts'.

    For my initial test I am building a list of locations to check. For now, if you know of an abandoned area with ghost structures that should be removed, please post a location here. Thanks!

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    There was a tribe at zone 901 X 645 Z 241, it died recently but being the test server no one has gotten to it. Most of the structures are intact, but there are several railings that are ghosts, some are empty while some have materials in them.

    It doesn't exist on Peace as I dismantled the place a couple of days ago, after someone dismantled part of it for the nails and left the ghosts with all of the other materials still in them.

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