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    2016 Event Season Token Redemption

    Hello everyone!

    I originally had other plans for last season's event tokens but in the end we're going to keep it simple and allow players to redeem their tokens directly to a Guide.

    You can redeem tokens to a Guide in game or open a help ticket to receive your prizes.

    Scrapper cart - 20 tokens

    Pre-Order weapons - 10 tokens (limit one per player)

    Unreleased backpack - 5 tokens

    Rare architecture blueprint (Mist Trader blueprint) of your choice - 5 tokens

    Other scheme / pattern / blueprint of your choice - 2 tokens

    To redeem your tokens through a help ticket, please supply the following information:

    - character name
    - tribe name
    - server
    - tokens you plan to redeem
    - prize you wish to collect
    - for expediting token redemption you can place the tokens in a locked bin and note the location (x, z, zone) in the help ticket and we can deliver the prize directly to this bin


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    MORE! of this please! How about some of you guides start creating some quests, no one seems to make quests!

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    couldnt you make some quests like.. kill 1000 bears, or Grow 1000 turnips, and turn them in to earn an event token? this sounds fun, gives us another objective, and most importantly sounds like fun.. yes i know i said fun 2 times! would have to be repeatable quests tho.. one time, is boring, unless you make new ones on a regular basis!

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    Awesome idea Doug! Would love to see this.
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