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    New player Question

    Hi Everyone
    Could anyone help me with this- i am busy fencing my tribal area in, with Gadu Barricades all ok,but i also want to craft some Gadu Posts ,the posts are in my crafting list,but i do not have a needle for one of the required tools , what kind of needle do i need ? foragers, crafters, and what skill do i need to raise to be able to make one,would think it is Toolcrafting but not sure,any advice would be welcome.

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    You can use any type of tool from any type of "Class" I guess you can call it. The tools you need to be able to craft it is unlocked by leveling up Toolcraft indeed. It'll just say something like "Needle", but you can use any type of needle, like the Scrapper's Needle, Forager's Needle, etc.

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    Thanks for your reply Legend i am clear about it now,much appreciated.

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    Note that you can't use milliners needles. Those are used in bone craft.

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