i have a new concept in the FORUM--->EVENTS--->EMPIRE
feel free to translate the concept to english language (needed)

We wanted LIVE in Xsyon on PVP Server and PVE Server with a Goal!
In Moment NEW PLAYER and also HIGHEND CRAFTER have no Goal! They cant sell Things to other Player!....WHY?

- most tribes have HIGHEND CRAFTER and buying nothing from other HIGHEND CRAFTER
- NEW PLAYER are low in crafting and no man is buying Things from it!
- DOLLAR.... most needed from searching with scavening is a Long time way!
- QUESTTOTEM (is good) but no man makes Quests from other Player.with this Event Guildleader makes Quest for her Players (NEW and HIGHEND)
- TRADETOTEM is improved with this Event
- PVP is activated with this Event (way to the the KINGDOM CITY)
- TERRITORY Control (with TEMPEL..and more DOLLAR for the guilds) with a Map GOOGLE DOCS!..A Goal for the tribes
- Player can be a KING from the KINGDOM CITY

if more guilds/TRIBES are active in this Event then more LIVE is in the WORLD!

Greetings Whorlok