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    House Gunvald

    Hello everyone, Dunidane speaking!

    Just wanted to through up a quick little advertisement for House Gunvald. Right now its just me, I'm a newer player in Xsyon with a goal to make it out their in the wilderness. Much of what I'm doing right now is grinding and getting skills up so that I can unlock architecture schemes and what not.

    The biggest reason I wanted to set off on my own and form a tribe was simple. I didn't want to join a pre-existing tribe. I felt it would really limit me content wise if I just had everything given to me right up front. I wanted to work on my own projects and feel good about it in the end. So whats House Gunvald? Not sure, was just the name I picked and I felt it fit the style of game. I'm basically living in a really cool mountain spot far south of the lake.

    If you would like to join I'd love to have existing and newer players. Everything we'd be doing would be a group effort, no strings attached. I do have a particular vision in mind for the mountain I'm on, but pretty open to other ideas and creative talent! If you want to join just hit me up in game name Dunidane!

    Tribe name: House Gunvald

    Location: Zone 738, Mount Tallac

    Whats needed: harvesters, gatherers, builders, pretty much everything!

    Will likely revise this advert a few times as things develop. Thank you all for your consideration, I really appreciate it!

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