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    Yup, I'm observing the server. It's interesting.

    Your normal ping is lower than his. However, your ping fluctuates more, your command queue showed as getting backlogged and you were getting chat and action lag. His ping fluctuated less, his command queue was clear and he didn't get the same type of action or chat lag.

    I'm going to make changes to the Test Server build and may have to patch them to the live servers to get more feedback.

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    Chat lag was up over a minute. I've got to go cook dinner, may be on later to help more.

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    Since my game seem to be working fine while I stay in or near tribe, I decided to head back out to 775 again to test that zone since it was so unplayable before. As before when I got to the scrap yard my ping was totally erratic. Going from 14 to 900, and everything in between, sometimes it would cycle through ping numbers so fast you can't read the numbers. I thought I was going to die because I couldn't eat or drink anything, but figured out that if I right clicked on the water pouch, then waited a couple minutes, the menu will eventually pop, then click on drink and wait another couple minutes for the action to happen. So I decided to wait 30 minutes as I did in tribe and sure enough right around the 30 minute mark the ping dropped to my normal 32 and I could eat, drink, scavenge etc with no issues until animals came near. I noticed whenever any critters came in range the ping would jump back into the hundreds again and stay erratic until they moved on. I just watched two Bluetip Deer walk by me for a few minutes, the ping jumped all over staying mostly in the 200's to 600's" then as soon as they got far enough away the ping dropped back to 32. This is hard to confirm since there are so many critters here. The animals would also rubberband on occasion. I don't think it's the animals but the changes in the zone since I have animals right under me where I'm working in tribe and no erratic ping or lag with the exception of some spikes. Even when I drink I get a ping spike of about 150. Not sure this is any help, but I've been in zone 775 for 2 hours now watching my ping and it definitely spikes when animals come around, and drops when there are none near. When I headed back to tribe the ping was erratic the whole way, bouncing every half second or so from low to 900s. After being in tribe for a couple minutes I got the message "Entering Raven Moon" and the ping was still all over the place. Again I waited to see when it settled back down, and just as in all my previous observations it took 30 minutes for the ping to return back to around 31. It still jumps around and spikes but it's playable. I doubt this was any help, I was hoping to find some repeatable event or causation, but this seems to be a slow content loading issue that's bogging down the game until the area content is loaded. I will try test server to see if there is any difference there.

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    I just went on test server and though my ping was higher than my normal ping on peace server, it never spiked or lagged. The ping stayed between 125 and 150. So I ran out to the scrap yard in 775 and no issues the whole way. Everything was smooth with no lag.

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    Windows 7 64 bit
    Geforce GTX 760
    16 GB Ram
    AMD FX-6100 6 Core Processor 3.30 GHz
    120 GB SSD Hard Drive (50 GB free) -ops sys
    1 TB HDD -xsyon installed
    Cable Modem (235 MB up/ 23 MB down)
    Single monitor 1920x1080 res

    1) Kaspersky

    2) Yes

    3) AMD

    4) 7 64 bit

    5) I was on test server yesterday afternoon for only 5 mins but my ping, while higher than peace server, seemed to be fairly constant. It was not spiking like on peace server. But since I was only there for 5 mins. this may not be a solid testing result.

    My ping spikes differ from Willowhawk's only in that he can be in tribe and have no spikes for a good while, where my low ping last shorter periods and spikes are much more random. All over the place from 45 to 700.
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    I'll be on for a couple hours if any more testing needs to be done.

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    I've updated the Test Server with a build that I plan to patch to the public servers.

    With this build I completed the client side processing changes that I originally patched on May 12th and then reverted. These improvements just needed a bit of tweaking to work properly.

    Also, with the feedback in this thread, I think the 'lag' reported here was due to position and status packets from creatures. The 'lag' seemed to start in areas with many creatures and for players with good connections and superior systems. The better your system and actual ping to the server, the more position and status packets you receive. It looks like the number of packets sent to specific players in this situation were hitting some sort of limit and then backing up all packets these specific clients.

    I've revised the way creature packets are sent and I see a big improvement in my tests.

    If any of you can check the Test Server this evening, please let me know how the performance is for you. So far this build looks solid to me so if I don't hear back I'll patch it to the public servers tonight.


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    From what I've noticed on the test server, seems to be running quite a bit better. I ran around large structures and through large patches of trees, my ping spiked a little bit, but not near as bad as live server, my fps dipped down quite a bit, but again, not as bad as live server.

    Off topic.... Revs are running rampant lol. Upon entering the Xsyon Trading Center, came across 3 revs. Ran from them, but met more along the way as I was running through the patches of trees and running around larger structures. Just EVERYWHERE lol.

    It's a Holiday, take a break, give thanks for our wonderful warriors!!
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    I've patched the latest build to the Main Servers.

    Please let me know how the performance is for this build. It should be quite a bit better!


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    So far in tribe it's running perfect. I will run out to 775 just to make sure it's good there as well.

    EDIT: Just ran to 775 and everything was smooth the entire way. My ping is actually a bit lower than normal. It stayed in the 20 much of the time and no spikes. Thanks Jordi
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