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    Feedback Request - Optimization Update

    Hello Xsyon Citizens!

    Please report any new problems or strange issues with the current update here. This update represents many optimizations, minor improvements and code cleanup that was done over the course of six months. Although these changes ran on the Test Server, minor issues can be easily missed.

    I will fix issues as quickly as possible as they are reported this month.


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    I am having some issues, ping jumps from low to crazy high like in the 700s. That does seems to be getting better with time.

    However I also keep losing connection to server and getting booted. Five times so far. Never happened before that I remember so might have something to do with the changes.

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    Ok thanks. The ping doesn't reflect the actual ping to the server as it can be slowed by the client side processing.

    I will be working on issues over the next week or so.

    This build has many changes including how commands are processed on the client. It's possible that object loading can still bog up some of the processing threads. With this build live though, I can make changes and patch them quickly to the live servers.

    Thanks for your patience while I work on this update. In the end loading and command processing should be better than before.

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    Started adding tools and materials to a building project to build it, when I started adding the tools a new window opened that showed the tools and materials I was adding, after completing the project that window was still there and doesn't appear to have any way to close it.

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    Yes same issue as listed above. Had this happen to me as well, also keep experiencing multiple server time-outs and I'm unable to log in and play.

    Borderless window mode seem to be a little funky too. Doesn't happen all the time but if I have it selected sometimes while playing the game will freeze up and not respond for 1-3 seconds.

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    Got huge lag spikes and could do very little yesterday. Today the lag was very constant around 3000 and would not move from there. After i tried to rejoin, because i was probably was dieing of thirst, it would not let me. But i was able to join the PVP server. Note I had 30 ms before the update and very little lag.
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    Thanks for all the input so far.

    Sadly, it's going to take me a few days to sort out these issues. This update consists of many changes that looked good on the Test Server.

    My priorities are as follows:

    1) Fix the cause of the server freeze. This appears to be similar to a freeze we had in the past. I don't understand why it would resurface but I know what to look for in the code.

    2) Fix the 'lag'. This is due to commands piling up on the client side. In my tests, this build actually works much better for client side command processing but it's clearly not working well for many players. I will have to revert some of the code and try other methods.

    3) Remove the second building window. This is something for the future that apparently is not properly switched off right now.

    4) Fix issues with friend lists. This is likely also due to upcoming changes that are not properly switched off.

    5) Fix any other minor issues that are reported.

    Thanks for your patience with this. The client side command processing does test out to process commands faster but I need to adjust the thread structure as the loading and creature commands are interfering with other commands right now and causing the backlog and 'lag'.

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    On PVP server, when pulling cart, open the cart to put materials away and the basket in the cart disappears when you open the basket. This does not happen all the time but has happened 3-4 times since the update. It is acting like the whole basket was thrown away and you lose everything you had in it.

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    I placed a bin from my back into my equipped cart and the basket vanished. Submitted a ticket with log file.

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    I've reverted this build for now and will start patching these changes in smaller batches so that I can pinpoint and remove the causes of problems with this patch.

    For people with missing baskets, please open a help ticket (if you haven't already) and we'll get those replaced or restored.

    Thanks for this quick feedback!

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