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    "KINGDOM" Event Website created

    The first step is ready!...
    next step i post the rules of the Event with Pictures.
    Tribes who wanted be a part of this PVP 365 day Event can registry with her Name and her TRIBENAME at the Website and have the newest News and the battlefield map and the Messages from the actualy KING of XSYON land

    Link: (is the KINGDOM Webseite for the war!)

    Greetings Whorlok

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    I am starting with rules and the first news

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    KINGDOM TEMPLE (Create a Temple/Temple token/Requirements)

    Guild/tribes of the Kingdom can create with 10 TEMPLE TOKEN an TEMPLE in a Neighbor Zone with this look

    TEMPLE TOKEN (its a unique Item from gamemaster this Looks like an EVENT TOKEN) can Guilds/tribes buy at the TRADETOTEM in front of the KINGDOM CITY!
    - 1 TEMPLE TOKEN costs 30000 DOLLAR from the TRADETOM of the KINGDOM CITY (Founders Isle start City for new Player)! But only guilds/tribes/Player who have registered here on the Website of the KINGDOM EVENT can buy it and if they have 10 TEMPLE TOKEN they can build a REGISTRY TEMPLE!
    For other Player who buy a TEMPLE TOKEN it have no sense to buy it!

    - GAMEMASTER create this TEMPLE TOKEN in the TRADE TOTEM from the KINGDOM CITY where ech guild/tribe can buy there!

    - if a guild/tribe have then builded a TEMPLE in a directly Zone beside her CAPITAL City they would douple her incoming MONEY DOLLAR (more is in the chapter GUILD/TRIBES make Money with KINGDOM EVENT)

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