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    Need help from gamemaster event: Kingdom

    What we needed to build a 365 day EVENT "KINGDOM" from the Gamemaster:
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    -TEMPLE TOKEN (its a unique Item from gamemaster this Looks like an EVENT TOKEN)This can Guilds/tribes buy at the TRADETOTEM in front of the KINGDOM CITY! Or if it Jordi allows we can make it with the EVENT TOKENS (guilds are doing for this TOKEN anything then) But i think a unique TEMPLE TOKEN (simple Token with no function is better then the Event Token is only for Gamemaster Events)

    -Guilds/tribes needed to be ALLY with the Founders Island Starter City (KINGDOM CITY) WHY?...then KINGDOM Guilds can build a tradetotem in front of the Founders Island City (KINGDOM CITY)

    - GAMEMASTER build a TRADETOTEM in front of the Founder Island and sell there the TEMPLE TOKEN! one TOKEN cost 30000 DOLLAR (to start the Event instantly later! it Need first 10 TEMPLE TOTEM)

    - a HOSPITAL for the war of a NEW KING (respawn Point)

    this is all we needed from Gamemaster and if i have the rules on have wroten all guilds can then instantly start to any time

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    This sounds like something requiring code changes to implement. Please open a help ticket with your full proposal and we'll see what can be done.


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