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    Some sort of basic manual?

    I've looked around for a readme or what-have-you, and I've looked on the wiki, but there's really nothing that answers the questions I have.

    I realize that it's very early along in the development and whatnot, but I've been curious about a few things.

    The lack of tooltips is a killer to a first launch, and again I understand it's early in development, but a very small, quickly made manual bundled with the software that's just a readme.doc or somesuch that at the very least gives you a nice screenshot of the main window with the trade and scavenge and inventory windows open, everything on the screen that is giving you important information numbered and a list down below that explains each number would be a massive improvement and more easily accomplished at a much quicker rate than getting the tooltips coded in.

    Example: Those bars at the bottom of the screen above your hotbars. What do they mean?

    They don't even need to be verbose descriptions. Just a quick "This is your hunger meter." or what-have-you.

    Amusingly, asking this question in game got the snitty response of "You don't need a manual."

    Awesome. :|

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    Re: Some sort of basic manual?

    Arm yourself with knowledge

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    Re:Some sort of basic manual?

    there's a wiki out there somewhere.
    but beware, part of the fun is figuring out things (obviously not the ones you mentioned).

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    Re:Some sort of basic manual?

    the wiki is a story book atm.

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    Re:Some sort of basic manual?

    Arm yourself with knowledge
    So should be a doc file in the folder. A lot of us DD types are used to looking there for it, but thanks! This is what I was looking for.

    the wiki is a story book atm.
    Yarr, this. The Wiki currently has... erm... pretty much nothing on it that you can't already get from the big "FEATURES" button up top.

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    Re:Some sort of basic manual?

    With so much not in the game yet we really don't know enough to write about it.

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