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    Is the server down?

    Not able to connect to the game. Keep dropping out of the character select screen after about 2 minutes. Takes about 2-3 minutes to get to character select from login.

    Is there an official server status page in the works?

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    Re:Is the server down?

    The server is up. I hasn't been down for more than a few minutes the entire day. I've only taken it down for 5-10 minute intervals for updates.

    I will look at the server to see what could be going on. At what point exactly are you getting stuck? Are you in the character creator, or do you get stuck after selecting a character to enter the world, or before you even get to the character selection screen?

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    Re:Is the server down?

    When I sign in, it takes 2-3 minutes (or more) to load character select.

    If I try to delete a character, about three out of four attempts crash me out of the character select within a minute or so, before I can fully create a new character.

    If I try to log in, most of the time I seem to simply time out of the connection process after several minutes - the screen never changes to the loader screen.

    If the screen changes to the loader screen, I normally can get in.

    Maybe one in 6 to 8 login attempts actually get me ingame, and it takes anywhere from 2-10 minutes for an attempt to fail.

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    Re:Is the server down?

    I am also unable to get into the game. I can log in and get to character select, but when I pick a character and enter game, it boots me back to the login screen.

    This is as of a few minutes ago.

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    Re:Is the server down?

    What is the last thing you see on the screen before getting timed out to the login screen?

    Are you getting to Loading Entities?

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    Re:Is the server down?

    No. The character and UI vanish, leaving just the background. It sits there for a few seconds and then pops me to login. I don't see any of the loading messages, it's just the background.

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