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    Crafting updates ??

    Has anyone noticed any crafting updates ?

    Looking for more recipes, updated items, experimentation... ect...

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    Re:Crafting updates ??

    *reads latest server update post*

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    Re:Crafting updates ??

    Update May 11:

    The server is much more stable now but we are not 100% satisfied that it is perfectly stable.

    Several updates were patched out over the course of the day did any of them contain content updates or just stability stuff? and we will continue with more minor updates tonight is we find any other potential problems.

    We let in a group of new players last night, another group tonight and we'll continue letting in players daily if the server continues to run solidly.

    Our focus right now is to make sure the server is 100% stable, to eliminate client crashes and fix critical bugs.

    If you experience a client crash please email me at I've been getting very few crash reports, so I hope that's a good sign. If you're crashing (not timing out) make sure to let me know.


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    Re:Crafting updates ??

    Our focus right now is to make sure the server is 100% stable, to eliminate client crashes and fix critical bugs.

    so, no

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    Re:Crafting updates ??

    ok... thanks!

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    Re:Crafting updates ??

    People complain about the lack of updates....

    You complain that there are too many updates...

    Guess, it is true, you can not make anyone happy.

    Guess all there is now is to turn the features on.

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    Re:Crafting updates ??

    prokop15 wrote:
    Well that's an interesting way to deal with your customers.
    What? making it it's on thread to keep other ones clean?

    Of course i am in no position to give a date however I have a feeling that since things are coming to a close with the server stability problems new content should not be a long way off. This is only my guess though.

    This is based on the fact that all the content is ready and just needs a once over and added.

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    Re:Crafting updates ??

    prokop15 wrote:
    As discussed,

    Now that we have been going through beta for more than a month, when can we expect new content?
    Prok, what has happened over the past months isnt Beta testing, its not even Alpha testing. This is Internal/Inhouse testing that happenes prior to going to Alpha.

    Unless there a few "miracle builds" that have been in the works for months, i'm not sure if this game has a future a year from now let alone going Live a month from now.

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    Re:Crafting updates ??

    this thread is about crafting updates, not the quality of updates or the status os the game, lets keep it on topic

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