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    Screenshots not going to the screeshot folder

    The other day I did a few ss and they showed up in the ss folder, since the last patch I have been unable to find the ss I took last night.

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    Re:Screenshots not going to the screeshot folder

    did you reinstall with the last major update a few days ago? The whole file system was changed and it needs you to uninstall and redownload everything.

    using the old one can cause wierd bugs etc

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    Re:Screenshots not going to the screeshot folder

    yes I did... I got one to go there... but not the ones I took last night

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    Re:Screenshots not going to the screeshot folder

    i test myself once i get my comp back up and running gotta reinstall everything something crapped out on me and it keeps BSODing.

    anyone else having this problem? Can people confirm that screen shots are being created properly for them? either confirmation is good both is better

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    Re:Screenshots not going to the screeshot folder

    I can create a screenshot and it goes to the directory required. I also copied previous downloaded information into the directory cos I'm not going to redownload 3gig of information. Downloading 700mb took over 15hrs.

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    Re:Screenshots not going to the screeshot folder

    Having this issue. First install on may 14th. I hit print screen, I get a message saying screen shot taken, browse to install dir\\screenshots (my case, C:\\Games\\Xsyon\\Screenshots under XP) and nothing...

    This is a bit of a problem because I am also having issues with my terrain disappearing/going transparent, and I cant submit screen shots of them.

    Also, I have tried to re-run the installer again, hoping it would detect corrupted world terrain files, and it did not resolve anything, or even look like it checked. Whole process was over too quick.

    PS, also sending both my issues here though to support feedback.

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    Re:Screenshots not going to the screeshot folder

    Work around for taking screen shots:

    1) Run Xsyon in windows mode.
    2) Make Xsyon loose windows focus.
    (Hit windows button, open another small window, whatever, just make sure the Xsyon window does not have focus, or you will be using game SS, instead of windows print screen)
    3) Hit Print screen.
    4) Open picture editor, and choose paste.

    I had to do this, just to send in SS's of my other issue.

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    Re:Screenshots not going to the screeshot folder

    Glad that worked for you! Yeah I am having the same problem as screenshots not going to their folder. Checked in %appdata% and never found them there either. Running Windows XP and everything was installed in "C:\\Users\\Public\\Games\\Xsyon".

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    Re:Screenshots not going to the screeshot folder

    No problem for me. I Just took some screen shots and they are in the screen shot folder.

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    Re:Screenshots not going to the screeshot folder

    Ok, still not being saved for me, as of this time.

    Can someone help those of us who *are* having this issue, and tell us what the extension of the screen shots are, and if they have some sort of standard naming? (Example; Screenshot001.jpg)

    This will help some of us who are having this issue search our hard drives a lot easier, and narrow down if the game just some how is saving the SS's in a weird location, or not doing it at all.

    Also, if anyone else is having this issue, state if your running XP, Vista, or Win7 (and are you running the game/installed it under administrator mode?). That may help them track down if it is just us old XP people who are having this issue, or if Windows 7/Vista people are encountering them too.

    Personally I am running XP, using the Admin account, so I doubt my case is caused by file permissions.

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