I generally don't like to split up in nation based guilds, but I think Xsyon is a good place to actually do just that. Since we don't have just two sides in this game.

I was thinking about that it would be fun to have a Swedish tribe, but it might be too few playing to be fun. So one way is that we Nordic people (from Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark and Iceland) come together and start a city together and if we grow too big we can separate in 5 tribes that work together.

I'm running a Mumble (like teamspeak, just free) server for us to use. And I'm also willing to run a website for us. But I don't under any way want it to be "my" tribe, I'm not that kind of guy, so I want more people to build it together.

If we get at least 10 people I'm up for it. And if we get 10+ for every country we can go for a coalition of the tribes (I'm still offering my mumble server for all the Nordic tribes).

I and a Swedish friend are ready so far