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    Terraforming chat last night

    Hello, last night Xsyon was in game and overheard the Terraforming conversation between me and a few other people. This sparked a "how can we improve the system" question and I thought I would create this thread before sending in my version of a suggestion.

    This is my view of what is happening and may not be fully accurate, because of this, read with discretion.

    After terraforming a small area with different graphic settings I discovered what seemed like a good terraforming tip. The squares you terraform are small, and seem to be a good distance apart, and move the terrain a set amount depending on the action preformed.

    This image; if you can call it that, is my visual aid for the first part. This is not to any scale, other than easier to create.The the game decides to make it complicated. If your character, isn't aligned to this square and you preform a terraforming action, you will find that it results in something you may not have wanted, for this reason... it seems a complicated image is required as well.This means that the game aligns you to the closest grid marker, and if you are in the wrong one you end up with a bumpy terrain.

    But personally, I like it this way, it simply means the person behind the character needs to have skills as well as the actual character.

    One of the things I had really big problems with is getting the terrain level. I can only awsome that buildings, farm lands, crop lands and the like will favour flat lands... if not players will.

    It fine to use the level terrain action, but that means you have to do something I haven't yet figured out. And it could be simple as needing to go into the blue squares, raise land, between the blue squares and level land... But this means for example, you may not get a flat area on the outside of player made islands.

    My last suggestion is to link Altitude information into a persons skill level, that is so that the information isn't simply there on launch, characters wouldn't know anything about coordination and whatever system that is called :P

    To those who have terraformed, do you think I am right when I say this? Is my understanding of what is happening when you terraform correct and would you agree that it should have player and character skills to preform?

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    Re: Terraforming chat last night

    I pushed the wrong button, meant to preview... Please hold for replies

    And release the flood gates of replies :P

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    Re:Terraforming chat last night

    Perhaps later in the game the devs can make terraforming similar to how it is in Second Life where your character goes into a "terraform" mode and selects different "brushes" that mouse over the terrain to produce different effects.

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    Re:Terraforming chat last night

    Illmaculate wrote:
    Second Life? LOL you played Second Life? BHAHAHA.
    I lol'd.

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