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    What's your gaming background?

    The first MMO I played was SWG(Pre-CU) and I started playing it because of a mistake. I didn't even know MMO's existed and saw this game on the shelf at the store and bought it thinking it was another Offline game.

    After getting home and installing, let's just say, it was a surprise to see being asked to create an account. Not knowing what it meant, I started an account and started playing. Sometimes I wished I hadn't, the addiction came quick.

    Long story made short, NGE happened and I have been looking for a replacement for 5 years now.

    Games I have played since then, Guild Wars(short stint), WoW(Longer then I expected, was forced to take role as Guild Leader, about 2 years), Age of Conan(also longer then expected, same reason as WoW but shorter then WoW) and last but not least, Fallen Earth for the last year and a half from day 1 of Alpha.

    Many "builder" type offline games inbetween.

    All in all, if Pre-CU SWG still existed, I would still be playing it. Been searching for it's replacement ever since.

    So, what's your gaming history?

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    Re:What's your gaming background?

    Started playing in '99 on Asheron'c Call, quickly became the high mark that no other game has matched. As the game aged and Turbine (games owning company) put more time and effort into new games I moved on.

    After AC there was a short stint in DAoC, the game was actually pretty fun, but stun spam is a game killer for me...
    From there I went to shadowbane, another game that had huge potential, and also huge problems... lasted maybe 6 months before getting bored.

    Then had extremely brief stints in lineage II, EQ, EQII, final fantasy, age of conan, warhammer, Aion, lord of the rings online, and rygare (or something). Tried WoW for about 4 months, the carebear attitude and 99.9% 10 year old subscribers made me quit. Swore off MMOs for awhile until darkfall came out promising the world, and then only somewhat delivered...played it for around 6-8 months.

    Since then its been BF heroes online free FPS, and madden on xbox...until I found Xyson, of course i havent gotten to actually play yet lol...but if they even come close to delivering everything they say it should be an amazing game.

    top to bottom...
    1: Asheron's Call
    2: Darkfall
    3: Dark age of camelot
    4: LotRO
    5: Age of Conan
    huge dropoff thereafter
    [img size=200][/img]

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    Re:What's your gaming background?

    For me:

    1) Ancient Anguish MUD for a year or so if you want to count MUDs
    2) EQ1 for a couple years starting about a month after release, off and on since then.
    3) Asheron's Call from release for several months, off and on after.
    4) Anarchy Online from beta to about six months post release, then off and on, mostly off.
    5) EVE off and on since a couple months after release.
    6) Daoc and UO, for maybe six to 10 hours each.
    7) SWG from release until the way to become a Jedi was made clear, then quit because I didn't want to mess up my character to make it Jedi.
    8) Dark & Light a couple weeks.
    9) Ryzom a couple months off and on, mostly off.
    10)Asheron's Call 2 only in beta
    11)LOTR only in Beta
    12)Wurm Online off and on a couple years
    13)Guild Wars about six months
    14)Entropia Online off and on a couple years.
    15)Atlantica Online a few months
    16)City of Heros for six months or so.
    17)City of Villains for 20 minutes until I discovered I had to have a villain group to make a base.
    18)Perfect World a couple months
    19)Lineage II for about 15 minutes
    20)Darkfall for about two weeks
    21)WoW for a year or so straight starting in Beta, then back a couple times.
    22)Final Fantasy for a couple months, but inability to change keybinds drove me away due to incessant hand cramping.
    23)RYL only in beta
    24)Neverwinter Nights on AoL a couple months- almost forgot it!
    25)Runes of Magic for a couple weeks post release. It uses Gameguard though, which hates my antivirus, so it had to go.
    26)Vanguard for a couple months post release.
    27)EQ2 for a few months.
    28)Jumpgate for a short while
    29)AoConan for a couple weeks
    30)Warhammer Online for a week or so until I determined that the crafting ingame was far too limited.

    There have been a few more, but I can't remember them off the top of my head. I generally spend about 50-60 hours per week gaming, and I have only played MMO's and Dwarf Fortress for the last 10 years or so, since Railroad Tycoon II got boring.

    Meh, looking at this kind of hurts, lol. I would have found a permanent home in Wurm I think, if the graphics were a lot better, but they aren't, and I don't see it happening soon.

    Reserved for stuff I forgot:

    31)Tabula Rasa
    32)Second Life for about six hours till I realized it wasn't a game, but rather literally another life.
    33)Auto Assault

    OK thats enough, lol.

    35th is a charm?

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    Re:What's your gaming background?

    I began in 96' as an associate producer working for one of the first online game companies Engage Games online developing along with Mythic a persistent FPS mage battling game. From there I got hooked on online games and soon the MMO's that began to show up...

    1. Ultima Online (wish I had a house at the time so I could fill it up with all the furniture lying around in game).
    2. Planetside
    3. SWG (don't get me started)
    4. COH
    5. WOW (the first few years were pure crack)
    6. LOTRO
    8. GW
    9. POTBS (ummm...)
    10. War
    11. AOC (loved the beta and launch...not so much)
    12. Champions (fool me once, shame on you)
    13. STO (fool me twice, shame on me)
    14. Xsyon?

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    Re:What's your gaming background?

    [quote][b]Kunra wrote:[/b]

    All in all, if Pre-CU SWG still existed, I would still be playing it. Been searching for it's replacement ever since.[/quote]


    [i][u]SWGEmu Forums Statistics[/u]

    Threads: 48,698, Posts: 496,530, Members: 125,197[/i]

    Go have Pre-CU fun.

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    Re:What's your gaming background?

    1.Ultima online 81 month account
    2.SWG maby 6 months
    3.WOW about 2 years
    4.DF 3 months

    Stayed in UO longer then I should have because of all the friends ingame.
    But It was still some of the best time I have had gaming with the AI crew running around like a Apple. :laugh:

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    Re:What's your gaming background?

    My first MMO was RuneScape, it was a good and unique game by that time...I left it when they removed the wilderness and introduced the controlled economy. Haven't found a replacement since then.

    Since then I've played
    DOMO for 3 months,
    RF online 2-3 months,
    Bounty Bay (same as Voyage Century) 2 months,
    A Tale in the Desert 8-9 months,
    Perfect World 1.5 years,
    Lineage II 3 months,
    and I tried a lot of games...Allods Online,Rohan,Free Realms, DDO, Alganon, EQ2, Dofus, Mabinogi, Istaria, StarQuest Online, STO, Ryzom, Second Life and others I can't even remember lol.

    I got to the point where seeing a question mark above and NPC's head makes me feel literally sick. No more handholding please, no more wikis and help sites about the games...I wish we could have an agreement here that noone will write help sites about Xsyon apart of a basic description of the controls.

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    Re:What's your gaming background?

    It all started for me with Dark Age of Camelot which I played for about 6 months when I was younger. I strayed from MMOs for a while after that until picking up WOW for about a year. I dumped that before burning crusade came out and didn't pick back up MMOs until age of conan, followed by Warhammer and then Darkfall for about a year.

    I was watching Exanimus the game for a while also but it got suspended and is probably dead forever now.

    Other than that I'm all about FPS including COD, Bad company 2, and a curius indie game called Mount and Blade, very good third person medieval sandbox action game.

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    Re:What's your gaming background?

    [b]Chile wrote:[/b]
    12. Champions (fool me once, shame on you)
    13. STO (fool me twice, shame on me)[/quote]

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    Re:What's your gaming background?

    SWG was the first MMO I got into. But like so many others after NGE I buggered off.
    Since then I played WOW for a little bit more so I could see what all the fuss was about. After that I've more or less been playing TF2, DoD and single player games that I come across. Oh yeah, and Mount and Blade. Still haven't got round to buying warband.
    Brum, brum.

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