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  1. Developer Update 03.05.2014

    The Main Server was updated with a minor patch today. No patch notes will be posted as the changes are strictly server side lag detection and event logging code.

    I will be checking the logs today and may need to restart the Main Server a few times this week. If so I will post in the launcher several hours beforehand.
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  2. Developer Update 02.28.2014

    The Main server has been updated with a minor patch today. The main goal of this patch is provide additional detection logs that will help determine and eventually resolve current causes of in game lag.

    A few minor easy to fix bugs have been dealt with along the way. Full patch notes are here
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  3. Patch Notes 02.28.2014

    Minor Improvements Patch

    - Improved server side stat update functions.
    - Improved logging for lag detection.

    Bug Fixes
    - Corrected formatting for stats panel.
    - Action bar does not reset or glitch during death or player teleport.
    - Fixed keyboard input glitch with key commands getting stuck after using alt-tab.
    - Schematics that require two skills display both skills in the tool tip.
    - Characters can now jump properly ...
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  4. Developer Update 02.26.2014

    I would like to address a rumor that apparently has been going around that I've delayed game development in order to focus on developing a PvE server.

    This is false.

    A PvE server will be launched as I've previously noted, however this is not taking time away from further development of the game. The time required to set up a second server will be minimal when the time comes.

    Development has been focused, as noted in my recent updates, on bug fixes, optimizations ...
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  5. Patch Notes 02.21.2014

    Character Creation Patch

    Notable Improvements
    - Improved character creation panels, featuring information on stats and skills and a location map.
    - Additional options for reporting bugs and issues from the help button.

    Server Improvements
    - Extensive logging to detect causes of lag and server lock ups. This logging system will be disabled once problems are found and fixed.

    Minor Improvements / Bug Fixes
    - Quality of knife used in hunting ...
    Patch Notes
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