Developer Update 09.29.2014

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Today Xsyon released a new installer and launcher. This launcher removes the second log in and allows the player to select a server at the game screen.

In addition, collision has been improved as a big step to officially supporting multiple story construction without any terraforming tricks.

Full patch notes are here

If you encounter any problems with the latest changes, in particular the revised launcher or collision, please post here

In addition, revised 'free play' will be in testing later this week. The revised system will allow players to test out their own homestead for a week, allowing players to experience terraforming and construction.

As a final reminder, starting October 1st, the monthly subscription fee will be raised back to $14.99. Quarterly, bi-annual and yearly payments will be adjusted accordingly.

For those of you with current long term subscriptions, the change will take place upon your first new payment after October 1st.

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