Developer Update 04.11.2015

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Hello Xsyon Citizens!

The Test Server is open for final checking of many new architectural components. This new group of parts includes requested parts that increase the versatility of the system as well as components created from models originally intended as stand alone porches and bridges.

For full information and to post feedback regarding these new parts, join the feedback thread here

In addition to the new components, a few changes have been made to the architectural system to better allow for placing 'room' buildings such as tents and tee-pees on top of floors and inside of trusses.

For general feedback on the architecture system, please join the discussion here

Several bugs and issues have also been corrected. If you have the inclination, please join the testing session here

These changes should be ready for a small patch this coming week.

Creature revisions are still currently the focus of development. Minor revisions and improvements such as these will still be in the works though until I can patch a big creature update. The current creature revisions take a lot of work, but also a lot of internal testing.

During down time while I run AI stress tests or wait for some code from a coder assisting me I've been dealing with these quick and easy changes to give Citizens something new!
Developer Updates