Developer Update 07.15.2015

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Hello Xsyon Citizens!

The Main Servers will be down for approximately 1 hour starting at 1:00 AM PST, Thursday July 16th, for a minor patch.

This patch will consist of optimizations, bug fixes and data adjustments. If you have any last minute feedback on the bug fixes that will be patched out, please join the feedback thread here

The Welcome Station feature will be turned back on shortly on the Test Server for final testing and should be ready for public release next week.

I'm proceeding to work daily on creature AI although as I encounter issues affecting the current AI I do shift to other related tasks that can be completed and released quickly.

For example: while working on creature movement on slopes I discovered an error in a core collision and positioning function. This error was the root problem in terrain reversion issues affecting objects that move along with reverted terrain. I've fixed the core issue and made sure the terrain reversion functions affected by it are now correct. The fixes to terrain reversion are part of this week's patch.

While the creature update is taking a long time, I'll continue to release any improvements made along the way.

That's all for today!
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