Developer Update 03.31.2016

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Hello Xsyon Citizens!

This weekend we are running a unique, never done before event - Stand Up Comedy from players. This will be a fun change of pace from other events and I hope you all enjoy it!

If you'd like to participate or just enjoy the show, please read the full details here

March was a rough month for me as I had to attend to some personal and family business. There's not much new to report but I'd like to keep you all updated on what's in progress.

I've completed the rendering occlusion code optimizations but for the new changes to be fully effective some building meshes will need to be adjusted or I may need to create a full set of simple 'occlusion meshes'. Thank you to all that provided information and helped test!

Currently I continue to work parallel on various aspects of the game.
- Major creature and combat revisions.
- Major streamlining. These involve changes throughout the code to optimize every process and improve overall performance.
- Minor bug fixes as they are reported (as usual).

At the moment most testing will be done internally or with the assistance of the Guide Team. This includes a lot of extensive performance tests that are best done in a controlled environment.

When we're ready for more public tests I will post in the Developer Zone.

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