Developer Update 2017.03.03

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Hello Xsyon Citizens!

The Test Server is open and running many changes for upcoming patches. I will start releasing these patches once everything is thoroughly tested and I get a few more updates prepared and in testing.

The current updates ready for testing include:

- Revised windowed mode and new border-less windowed mode.

- Extensive optimizations, bug fixes and exploit prevention.

- Completely revised player positioning and synchronization.

- Revised creature processing allowing for migration to run constantly and not only during server down time.

- Changes based on player suggestions. These are things that I worked on over the past six months but have yet to release. I have another group of 20-25 improvements based on suggestions almost ready for public tests.

I've set up feedback threads for the following:

Windowed modes

Bug Fixes

Player Synchronization

Improvements Based On Suggestions

General Feedback

As I've made extensive changes to some of the base data structures and network commands, if you notice anything unusual or different than the Main Servers that is not intended, please let me know in the General Feedback thread.

I apologize for the delay in releasing these changes. As mentioned in my previous update, a lot came up in January that set me back. I won't set any future dates and will start releasing updates as noted above.

Much thanks to all players that have helped test these changes so far and reported bugs and problems to me directly! I appreciate your help making Xsyon a better game!
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