Developer Update 2017.04.05

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Hello Xsyon Citizens!

Players who participated in last year's event season can now redeem event tokens though the help ticket or by contacting a Guide in game. Details on prizes and how to go about redeeming your tokens are posted here

As noted before, several upcoming updates and preparatory optimizations are in final testing.

The current updates ready for testing include:

- Revised windowed mode and new border-less windowed mode.

- Extensive optimizations, bug fixes and exploit prevention.

- Completely revised player positioning and synchronization.

- Revised creature processing allowing for migration to run constantly and not only during server down time.

- Changes based on player suggestions. These are things that I worked on over the past six months but have yet to release. I have another group of 20-25 improvements based on suggestions almost ready for public tests.

I've set up feedback threads for the following:

Windowed modes

Bug Fixes

Player Synchronization

Improvements Based On Suggestions

General Feedback

I'm especially interested in general feedback as there have been many fundamental changes to some of the data structures. Basically if anything seems unusual or different than on the Main Servers, please let me know in the General Feedback thread.

I'm continuing to work on creature and combat systems although I'm not quite ready for public tests on those yet.

That's all at the moment. Enjoy!
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