Developer Update 2021.06.03

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Hello Xsyon Citizens!

With bows released I have switched to focusing on interface and interaction improvements. My primary goal is to make Xsyon more simple and welcoming for new players.

I've started with a revised crafting panel that is currently on the Test Server. This panel automatically selects materials for a selected scheme from the player's inventory and displays additional information such as the properties of a crafted object before it is crafted.

Feedback on this panel is welcome in the Developer Zone.

I am also seeking suggestions and input on what general improvements and options players would like to see with the interface and basic actions.

I've started a general feedback thread here.

In general I'm going to try to simplify actions (such as gathering) and the interface and provide an alternate interface style more similar to other 'sandbox survival' games. I plan to make many of these changes controllable through settings in the Options Panel to accommodate players that want to continue using the current interface.

Overall I hope to make the game experience easier and more welcoming for new players to get more new players past the basics and involved in tribe building and the more social aspects of the game.

Developer Updates


  1. xyberviri's Avatar
    Thanks for the hard work on Xsyon, i really love this game.