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    1. Q: What are the different food properties for Xsyon


    Cooking Properties and Buffs
    - Food ingredients combine to create food with various properties.

    - Primary ingredients provide 4 types of buffs:
    -- Health - restores health quickly as you eat.
    -- Energy - restores energy quickly as you eat.
    -- Health rate - increases health restoration rate for a set period of time.
    -- Energy rate - increases energy restoration rate for a set period of time.

    - Secondary ingredients provide a stat change buff that increases
    one stat and decreases another.

    - Seasonings provided 4 types of effects:
    -- Power - increases the power of applied positive stats buffs.
    -- Mitigation - reduces the stat loss of applied negative stat buffs.
    -- Duration - increases the duration of your applied rate and stat buffs.
    -- Consumption - reduces the time it takes to eat a food item.

    - Buffs applied by consumed food appear in your buff display with timers
    showing the time left on the buff.

    - Food buffs are lost if you die.
    - You can only gain stat buffs from your most recently eaten food. Eating food without stat
    buffs will not affect any currently applied stat buffs.

    2. Q: I keep getting a reduction in my food efficiency I am getting a message like this
    "Too many supplementary flavors (2) Food effectiveness reduced by 20% "
    Too few basic flavors (1)"

    Ok so I found this really good post that explains some of the mechanics of
    cooking really well. This is an old post but I don't see it on the forums
    here it is probably archived.

    "The main problem for me was in terminology. There are Primary and Secondary Ingredients
    (plus Seasonings), and Basic and Supplementary flavors (labeled Primary and Secondary
    Flavors in the patch notes). A secondary ingredient goes in the secondary slot. The
    secondary ingredient could have a basic or supplementary flavor.

    Basic flavors are: Sweet, Salty, Sour, Bitter and Savory
    Supplementary flavors are: Pungent (spicy), and Astringent and Cool (minty)

    Each level of recipe has limits on the number of basic and supplementary flavors. So far I
    haven't found a recipe that takes more than one secondary flavor (got to level 80 cooking
    on test). It would be nice to see these limits on the recipe window, but as you found out
    the results will tell you.

    At lower levels you will want different flavors in each slot. Higher level recipes will
    allow you to repeat a flavor, but within limits, e.g. two sweet is fine with one or
    more other primary flavors, but three sweet will degrade because it is "Too Sweet."

    It takes a variety of meat (or fish if you are piscivorous), vegetables, herbs, animal meat
    and spices to make a good meal. Gather some and go experiment. "

    That means that you are adding too many of the supplementary flavors from
    the list above. Try taking out a supplementary flavor and replacing it
    with a basic flavor.

    3. Q: What is the difference between rate and gain IE: Health Rate vs Health Gain
    or Energy Rate vs Energy Gain.

    This is as per Jordi (Dev) himself the man coding the game

    "Energy and health rates. Just to make sure this is clear, there are two bonus types: Gain and Rate. Gain bonuses are high (can be 400% or more) and apply ONLY while you are eating the food. These provide fast health and energy recovery (healing). Rates are lower and apply over time. They are intended more for overall recovery rate increases while adventuring. "

    4. Q: So how do I get a higher effectiveness out of my food?

    Here is the answer from Jordi (Dev)

    "The effectiveness of the resulting food item is determined by your cooking skill, cooking stats and the quality of your cooking utensils."

    5. Q: How do you use the cookbook feature for cooking in Xsyon?


    - You can save recipes that you like in your cookbook. The cookbook can be opened
    from the cooking panel.

    - You name your saved recipe and this name appears on your cooked product.
    - The number of recipes you can save is noted in your cookbook.
    - The number of recipes you can save is determined by your skill and intelligence.
    - Saved recipes are tracked for usage (use count displays after the recipe's name).
    - Recipes that are used 1000 times become 'signature dishes'.
    - Signature dishes are denoted in purple and give a chance of increased power and duration.
    - Your chance of extraordinary results is increased by your charm.

    6. Q: I had some food made and it was in my bin and now it is gone what happened to it?


    There is a decay system on Xsyon where food will decay over time. It will decay even
    faster if it is not cooked. The special baskets which is mentioned bellow are made with
    basketry at 30 for pouches and 90 for the baskets in the basketry skill.
    There are different baskets depending on what you want
    to store in them.

    Food: Washoe Food Pouch, Washoe Food Basket
    Fish: Welmeti Fish Pouch, Welmeti Fish Basket
    Plants: Pauwalu Plant Pouch, Pauwalu Plant Basket
    Meat: Hugaleti Meat Pouch, Hugaleti Meat Basket

    Also by using the commissary and putting the food in one of these baskets will further
    reduce the decay rate.

    Food decay and storage
    - Food ingredients and cooked food rot quickly over time if not properly stored.
    - Special food baskets and pouches reduce food decay by up to 200% based on the quality of the basket.
    - Food baskets protect a specific type of food (meat, fish, plants or cooked products).
    - Food basket and pouch recipes can be gained by characters with a basketry skill over 80.

    - Food can be further protected by storing your food in baskets kept in a commissary.
    - Tribes of Band size and larger can set 1 to 4 buildings as commissaries.
    - To set a building as a commissary, right click the building to bring up the 'Set Use' option.
    - Commissaries reduce decay on food items stored there by up to an additional 200% based on the quality of the building.
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