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    01/18/2016 - Feedback Request Bug Smashing Session

    Hello everyone!

    The Test Server is up with the latest build hopefully to resolve several issues (mostly very old issues) that have been popping up with the recent surge of players. Some changes require general testing and I'm also looking for more information on several issues I haven't been able to reproduce.


    1) Unable to buy partial stack on a Trade Totem. This should work properly now.
    Original report here

    2) Fallen trees on zone boundaries not always rendering. This should be fixed now (and players can check the reported locations).
    Original report here

    3) Logs and grass getting lost when stacked across a zone boundary. This should be ok now and players should be able to create a stack right across a zone boundary without problems.

    4) Welcome stations now require only one active Trade and one active Quest totem. Additional totems do not need to have the correct amount of trades or quests.

    5) Problem with carts, bundles or packs occasionally being stuck on a player's back should be fixed now. This one is difficult to test as it was very rare (but annoying when it happened!)

    6) Blocked situation where players could drag a container in a cart into itself.

    Things to Test:

    1) Stacking logs and grass! I made several minor fixes to the system and we need to make sure there are no repercussions.

    2) Dropping and picking up carts, bundles, packs and pouches repeatedly.

    Need More Information:

    1) Cart inventory panel getting stuck open occasionally so it can be accessed from a distance. I can't reproduce this and need more info.
    Original report here

    2) Logs disappearing when dropped in a specific location. This was a specific issue to one tribe location. I fixed one minor issue and checked dropping logs in this area extensively and it looks ok now. More information is on the bug report.
    Original report here

    3) Xsyon slowing down Team Speak starting. I can't reproduce this and would like input from more players. If this is an issue for one player only, I will close it out as there are too many variables with potential programs (in particular anti-virus programs) causing conflicts with the version of DirectX we use.
    Original report here

    4) Creature hp bars appearing offset or incorrectly. I can't reproduce this issue and would like to know if any players have seen this recently. If so, can you describe the circumstances or is it entirely random?
    Original report here

    5) Problems with character creation and offset selection at specific resolutions in windowed mode. I've tried the resolutions players have had problems with and can't reproduce the issues. If you can reproduce these issues, please describe them and post a screenshot.
    Original report here

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    I'll close this thread and open a new thread when I'm ready for the next round of bug smashing feedback.


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