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The latest news straight from the lead developers of the sandbox MMORPG Xsyon.

  1. Farming and Cooking Ready for Testing!

    The upcoming massive farming and cooking update is ready for final testing!

    The Test Server is now open to the public and will remain open all weekend. A lot has gone into this patch. Read all the details here
    Developer Updates
  2. Developer Update 06.24.2014

    Terrain reversion is ready for the public!

    The servers will go down at 1:00 AM PST, Wednesday June 25 for this big update! The update will take approximately 1 hour.

    Patch notes will be posted at that time.

    In addition, the latest round of Questions for the Developers has been answered here
    Developer Updates
  3. Terrain Reversion Improvements Final Test

    The Test Server is open the public once more with Terrain Reversion ready for more testing.

    Please join in the test session and provide feedback here

    The current version has already been tested by our Guide Team. If no issues are found this update will finally go live this week.

    Your feedback is appreciated!
    Developer Updates
  4. Early Maintenance and Data Cleanup June 19

    The next maintenance will run June 19 from 6 PM to 7 PM PST on both servers.

    The goal of this maintenance is to clean up the database. This is being done at peak hours in case there are any issues with the clean up, we will detect them right away.

    This clean up is an important step that needs to be done before the upcoming terrain reversion patch. This maintenance will replace the usually Friday down time.

    Developer Updates
  5. Terrain Reversion Ready For Final Testing!

    Terrain Reversion is ready for final testing on the Test Server.

    In addition, I have cleaned up the database and will need players to help ensure that the data clean up will not cause any problems.

    For more information, please join in the feedback thread

    Terrain reversion has taken a long time as it required a lot of optimization so that many changes could be made quickly enough and without further impacting the performance of the server.

    While ...
    Developer Updates
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