Developer Update 06.10.2016

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Hello Xsyon Citizens!

First, there won't be an event this weekend. Instead we'll try to schedule two events for one of the coming weekends. I'll post more details on next weekend's event (or events) early next week.

I've opened up the Test Server for several public tests.

While working on larger tasks, I've squeezed in many small bug fixes over the past few months. I've listed over 20 fixed issues that I'd like to close out.

If you would like to help out, please join in the bug fix testing session here

The Guide Team and I have been running frame rate tests to determine how to best optimize the building LOD system. LOD means Level of Detail. Each building potentially has four LOD meshes from high detail to low detail. Up close each building uses its highest detail LOD mesh. As the distance between your view point and the object increases, the engine swaps in lower detail meshes. In theory this should improve frame rate.

So far our test results indicate that the best course of action will be to remove LODs entirely. However, I'd like more public tests before making a final decision.

Please join in the test and discussion thread here

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