Developer Update 08.01.2016

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Hello Xsyon Citizens!

The Test Server is open for final testing of the upcoming big optimization and bug fix patch. Due to changes I made last week to the DirectX shaders that control many graphic effects and fonts I would like to test this build one last week and patch it to the public servers early next week.

If you would like to participate in the final test and feedback sessions for this build, please join the following Feedback Request threads:

Optimization Feedback
Bug Fix Feedback

To connect to the Test Server via Steam, follow these steps:

1) Go to your Steam Game Library
2) Select Xsyon - Prelude from your Game List
3) Right Click the game's title and select Properties
4) Select the Betas Tab
5) Select 'test - Test Server' from the drop down list
6) Enter xsyontestserver as the beta access code and click the Close button
7) Run Xsyon. Instead of the Peace Server and War Server selections you should see one button labeled Test Server

To switch back to the normal Servers:
1) Follow the above steps but select 'NONE - Opt out of all beta programs' from the list
2) Click the Close button and Xsyon should revert to the Live Server build.

Test Sessions will also be announced in these discussions forums. All players are welcome to participate!
The most recent changes allow the DirectX shader components to be rebuilt on each individual machine based on your graphics card. This should help with both performance and quality of fonts, effects and rendering in general.

Next Saturday, the Guide Team will be running a PvP event on the War Server (at the usual time of 11:00 AM PST). At the moment we are planning a Hunger Games type of event but this may change.

I will announce any changes to the event later this week. Stay tuned!

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