Patch Notes 08.08.2016

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Optimization and Bug Fix Patch


1) Corrected and improved occlusion system. This should improve frame rate.

2) Revised text / string uses. This affects all text in game (chat, any displays with text).

3) Optimized array systems. This affects anything that is stored in arrays (inventory, meshes, textures).

4) Optimized networking packets. This slightly reduces the amount of data sent and received and primarily affects inventory and tool tip packets.

5) Data and code prepared for upcoming improvements. Systems set up so that future changes can be switched on and off easily for focused tests.

Bug Fixes

1) Unable to loot small creatures on the edge of water (bug report here)
Creatures should now start swimming based on their radius / size and not a set water height. When you kill them in shallow water you should be able to access them now.

2) Inconsistencies cancelling eating (bug report here)
Actions cancelled should be consistent now (general actions that cancel resource gathering or crafting should also cancel eating and vice versa). Changing your craft or construction selection should now only cancel a craft or construction action in progress and not eating. In addition, being hit in combat should cancel eating.

3) Gaps in distant water (bug report here) Gaps in distant or mid distance water should no longer appear. These usually appeared in the lake. If you do still see a gap, please post a location for me to check and your current screen resolution.

4) Tarp issues when dismantling (bug report here)
I removed both material and color from tarps. You should be able to create tarps from any cloth and stack them. Old tarps should be reset also and should be able to be combined now (with both other old tarps and newly created tarps.

5) Odd drinking while sitting animation (bug report here)
I’ve patched out a new sitting while drinking animation that doesn’t lean back like the previous animation. This animation has been patched to the live servers as well.

6) Unable to bring carts on piers (bug report here)
You should now be able to bring carts onto any pier or building over water.

7) Issues with quest objectives (bug report here)
I removed starter clothes from the Quest goal list.
You should be able to use the hyphen for goal objects like Lo-om armor.
I fixed the issues reported when splitting items into the Quest rewards.

8) Buildings and objects glitching from view (bug report here)
This shouldn’t happen now on the Test Server. If it does please give me a location to check.

9) Problems with 8x8 corner railings, floors and trusses (bug report here)
8x8 corner trusses, railings and floors should all fit together properly now. If you have any issues, please set up a situation on the Test Server for me to check.

10) Problems with beams and cantilever trusses (bug report here)
Beams should sink to the proper level now on both cantilever and corner cantilever trusses.

11) Incorrect leathercraft starting tools (bug report here)
Players choosing leathercraft as a starting skill should now start with a needle and a measure.
The second craft knife has been removed as a starting tool.
All other starting tools should be as before.

12) Issue dragging item icons to gaps between icons in container panels (bug report here)
If you drag an icon to the title bar or the space between other icons now it just won’t do anything. (Before it would give you a message pop up to destroy the item).

13) Tool tip on mutant deer hooves not displaying power (bug report here)
Power and correct info should now display on mutant deer hooves.

14) Dropping a container with materials used in a current craft doesn't cancel craft (bug report here)
Dropping containers containing materials used in your current craft should cancel crafting in progress now.

15) Terrain reversion creating traps (bug report here)
Technically this was not a bug just a problematic situation caused by terrain reversion. I've expanded the reversion buffer on buildings to reduce the problem with steep traps being caused.

16) Salt and tar pit where it should not exist (bug report here)
The salt and tar pit in this reported location has been removed.

17) Inconsistency with Innards and Guts (bug report here)
Now both innards and guts show power and decay. Both can also be partially protected when stored in food containers.

18) Dahteste Boots show invisible foot area (bug report here)
These are a proper full boot now.

19) Distorted view through projects (bug report here)
This looks ok to me. I believe it was resolved a long time ago. Or do any of you still see this as an issue?

20) Faulty collision for walls in water (bug report here)
Wall collision seems fine in water to me. If you see any problems, please give me a location to check.

21) Invisibility (hiding) not working in water (bug report here)
This looks correct to me and the players that have checked this issue so far. If invisibility is not working for you or looks incorrect in water, please post more information and steps to reproduce the problem.

22) Changing USB audio device causes an error (bug report here)
I bought a set of USB headphones to check this issue and can't reproduce the problem. I believe it was corrected when I last revised the audio code. If you can reproduce this problem, please post exact details.

23) Changing tribe leader's rank properly blocked.

24) Fixed issue causing trade totem items to be removed when attempting to remove a tribe leader.

Minor Improvements

1) Tree update improved to block trees from spawning on rock, asphalt road and scrap pile surfaces.

2) Scrap piles regenerate over time (like grass currently does).

3) Additional punctuation now allowed in Trade, Craft and Quest input boxes.

4) Quest creator's tribe name removed from the Quest View display.
Patch Notes


  1. chojinuk's Avatar
    2) Scrap piles regenerate over time (like grass currently does).

    That should have been right at the top as its a massive thing :

    All Awesome and will need time to look at so many improvements.

  2. EvilGreebo's Avatar
    OMG THAT'S HUGE!!! YAY! Scrap pile regen!!!

    So how fast does grass regen? Will this mean that it will be socially acceptable to farm for specific material types instead of scavenging?
  3. whiteskies's Avatar
    all the fixes and updates are nice but you broke the revive port on death the revive window is blank and spawns you in founders
  4. millsdo's Avatar
    EPIC update! Great work sir!
  5. Hero's Avatar
    Great patch, Would love to see pulled Scrap DEgenerate and dissapear (like pulled up cloth etc) if not completley be taken out, no need to pull it up when you can use scav ability anyway and just adds lag when someone piles up tonnes of it.