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    June 5 2013

    The Main Server will be down tonight at midnight PST until roughly 4 AM PST (June 6) for a patch. The focus of this patch is the revised migration system and players can expect to see a lot more creatures active throughout the world.

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    June 6 2013

    The Main Server has been updated with a major patch! This Creature Repopulation patch features a new migration system that keeps creatures spread throughout the world.

    Read the Patch Notes for full details.

    Improvements to creatures will continue over the next few weeks.

    Update: The server has been restarted with a minor patch. A problem with movement while hiding or swimming left and right has been fixed.

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    June 18, 2013

    The Main Server will remain down today until I can figure out what is causing the server to crash today. The cause is not clear right now and I am working on a new build that will help me gather more information.

    The server may be down for the next 12 hours. I will post an update when I can better estimate when the server will be up.

    Thanks for your patience!

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    June 18, 2013

    The Main Server is up!

    Some systems (spawning of revenants) were causing problems and are currently disabled until I can find and fix the exact problem.

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    June 25, 2013

    The Test Server is open to the public for testing the current round of creature improvements. Please check out the Test Server and join in the Feedback Discussion.

    Creatures on the Test Server have been adjusted so that a full range from new born children to max legendary adults can be found.

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    July 2, 2013

    The latest round of Questions for the Developers has been answered here.

    The Test Server will be back open to the public late tonight to test the much requested auto-stacking in containers and final creature revisions.

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    July 4, 2013

    The Test Server is open for Testing! We are running final tests on the Creature Repopulation Patch II and a highly requested auto stack feature for containers.

    Please provide feedback if you wish:

    Creature Feedback
    AutoStack Feedback

    Happy 4th to all Xsyon Americans!

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    July 7 2013

    The Main Server will be down from 1:00 AM to 5:00 AM PST July 8 for the Creature Repopulation Patch II!

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    What Happened To 'Free To Play'?

    Starting today, Monday December 8, Xsyon will no longer support ‘Free to Play’ for new players.

    As previously noted:

    After careful consideration it is clear that a ‘Free to Play’ introduction to the game is not a viable model for Xsyon.

    The typical ‘Free to Play’ model relies on cash shops for items, ‘pay to win’ enhancements or unlocking game features, relying on players who pay high monthly fees to compensate for those who pay little or nothing. These systems do not fit with the vision of Xsyon.

    Instead, the ‘Free to Play’ aspect of the game was intended as a trial introduction to the game. This did not function as intended for several reasons including players expecting a more common ‘Free to Play’ model, players joining for free simply to cause disruptions without consequences, paid citizens discouraging free players and new players not feeling vested enough to learn the complexities of a game like Xsyon.

    Moving forward we wish to focus on the desires of the vested community. Xsyon will soon launch on Steam as an ‘Early Access’ title. ‘Early Access’ will allow us to better interact with the player community and reflect our intentions to continue to add and improve features and content.

    Paid Xsyon citizens will still be able to log in to the game with limited skills without an active subscription in order to allow players to return and try out the latest enhancements.

    I thank you all for your support and look forward to working with the player community this year as the game grows and evolves!

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