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    Xsyon Important Information

    This thread contains up to date information and links for Xsyon.

    Home Page - News, Updates, Patch Notes and important links.
    News - The latest important announcements regarding Xsyon.
    Updates - Notes and thoughts from the lead developer.
    Patch Notes - The latest improvements to Xsyon in detail.
    In Development - What's recently been released, what's in progress and what's planned for the future.

    Xsyon Wiki - Information provided by Xsyon Guides and Players.

    Xsyon Game Manual
    Brazilian Portuguese courtesy of TranslaCAT

    Forum Rules - How to conduct yourself on these forums.
    Game Terms of Service - Agreement of terms for all players.
    Rules of Conduct - How to conduct yourself in game.

    Archived Updates - Previous notes and thoughts from the lead developer.

    A paid Game Account now allows for full game play without a subscription!
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